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Intellectual Property Licensing & Agreements


IP Licensing & Agreements

Intellectual property licensing is the process by which an intellectual property owner (the licensor) permits another party (the licensee) to use, manufacture, or sell intellectual property owned by you or your company. Intellectual property licensing is a critical component of any business plan. Monetizing patents, trademarks, copyrights, and/or trade secrets, may allow for the generation of revenue streams or the creation of new partnerships. Partnerships between parties may enhance their businesses without having to invest in developing similar technology, brand, design, or content. These agreements may also allow for crucial sources of funding to support their growth and development.

Intellectual property licenses are complex agreements that require legal review. It is important to note that the specific laws and procedures can vary from one jurisdiction to another. Contact CTLG and let us help you with your intellectual property licensing and agreement needs.


Types of Licensing & Agreements

There are many different types of licenses and agreements that may be utilized for the protection, movement, and monetization of intellectual property. The CTLG legal professionals also have experience in the negotiation and drafting of multiple forms of licenses and agreements including:


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